OXEFIT Smart Gym

What is the OXEFIT Smart Gym?

The OXEFIT Smart Gym offers the broadest range of strength and cardio exercises. The varieties ensure your workouts will always be fresh and captivating. Personalize your training by selecting specific muscle groups, custom cardio, and tailored time durations to personalized classes to best meet your individual needs.

The OXEFIT platform uses dual motors that provide 250 lbs of tension on an integrated force plate to measure balance and center of pressure. With 200+ strength exercises plus advanced training mode, it is a training platform for all levels and ages.

OXEFIT Smart Gym

A smarter way to exercise.

  • Over 200 virtual instructor-led classes
  • Strength and cardio training

Appointments Only

Not waiting in line no wasting time

The XS1 is a State of the Art Smart gym with seemingly endless ways to challenge your body to help with your journey into personal Fitness.