The key to a successful outcome is investing in the latest technology so that our licensed technicians can focus on the client’s needs while providing safe cost-effective services. With multiple applications available we’re able to provide customized treatments while building long-term client/technician relationships. By focusing on our clients’ specific needs we are able to improve how they look and feel.

– Jeremy Jeffery, Managing Partner

YWEIGHT BODY SCULPTING offers the following non-invasive body sculpting services:

• Fat Freeze (Cryotherapy)
• Laser Lipo
• Ultrasonic Cavitation
• Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies

We also provide the following Massage Therapy:
• Swedish
• Deep Tissue
• Myofascial Release
• Lymphatic Drainage Massage

All of our technicians are state-licensed Massage Therapists that have been professionally trained to provide all available services. Since our technicians are state-licensed they are required to attend continuing education classes assuring you that you will be treated with the most current methods available.

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